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Details of iTems

  • Verified with a unique and dedicated proxy
  • Verified with Unique Gmail
  • Passed billing account verification
  • The account will be fully active
  • An account with any previous $ history
  • Instant Usable
  • Replacement Warranty

  • An account with login credentials
  • RDP Login Information
  • Campaign Creation Guide
  • Verification details


The program or product with which Google can help you set digital Ads for your business in your preferred locations is Google Ads. This is a virtual advertising platform of Google developed for advertisers. Until July 4, 2018, it was known as Google AdWords.

If you want to publish ads using this online platform, you have to open a Google Ads account. Perhaps you know that Google is the largest search engine machine on the planet. So Google Ads being a Google platform, would undoubtedly be the biggest online advertising platform too.

Opening an account for the ad campaign on Google is a simple task, but it can provide you with overwhelming opportunities. You can maintain multiple Google Ads accounts using a single Google account/email. This article covers everything on an account for Google ads  – from the sign-up to the management of an extensive network of ads. Therefore, read on to the last.


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